Master Planning / Programming:

Through careful listening and insightful questions, develop Master Plan / Campus Plan and/or an Architectural Program that serves as a guide for Design of the Site and Building(s).

We convey the Project objectives through written, sketch and or graphic means.

- State intended operational goals, philosophies and spatial requirements
- Review zoning, utility and site characteristics
- Develop the scale, configuration and character of building(s) on the site
- Position elements on the site to best address flow, required adjacencies, views, utility connections and other critical features.

Conceptual Design:

Through awareness of dreams and constraints, formulate a preliminary vision of the Project that brings the aspects of the Project together in a pleasing and logical way.

We create a tangible representation of the Owner’s ambitions for the Project.

- Envision solutions to address the desires of the Client
- Utilize three-dimensional Imaging to explain different design concepts to the Client
- Utilize creativity to develop aesthetically pleasing and workable designs for Client consideration
- Coordinate with Civil Engineer to complete Land Development designs

Detailed Design:

Through understanding the Client’s wants and needs while offering ideas for comments, develop a Design that addresses the Client’s and end user’s goals.

We creatively design a built environment that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

- Develop the Design to further address the needs of the Client
- Utilize three-dimensional modeling to enhance understanding of the Project by the Owner, Engineers and Contractors.
- Refine the Design to address the constraints of schedule, cost and constructability
- Coordinate with Building Systems engineers to design a functional building

Construction Documents:

Through an understanding of building construction techniques and technologies, create construction documents which communicate the appropriate information to obtain a building permit and construct the design.

We generate drawings and specifications that convey the intent of the Design.

- Produce dimensioned and noted drawings showing all aspects of the Design including plans, elevations, sections, schedules and three-dimensional views
- Identify building materials and systems to be incorporated in the Project
- Address compliance with applicable codes and regulations
- Provide Construction Documents that clearly state the scope and details of the Project


Through an understanding and relationships with contractors, assist contractors in determining and providing the Owner with a reasonable cost for the Project.

We generate drawings and addenda that clarify the intent of the Design.

- Answer questions regarding the design as requested by contractors
- Modify component design as needed to obtain a cost effective design
- Assist the Owner in understanding and comparing the cost of the Project presented by each bidding contractor.

Construction Phase Services:

Through understanding of Construction and the Design, construct the Project as desired by the Owner and designed by Architect.

We monitor compliance with the contract documents.

- Attend regular job site meetings and accurately represent the Client's interest
- Observe the details of the building throughout the duration of construction
- Review shop fabrication drawings of the individual components that describe the details of the Project
- Develop solutions to previously unknow issues in a timely manner

Marketing Materials:

Through an understanding of the audience and using current computer technologies, produce brochures and posters which communicate the benefits of the Project.

We address concerns and promote the Project to corporate boards, banks, zoning officials or the general public.

- Provide renderings, three-dimensional views, posters, animations, etc. to help communicate the attributes of the Project
- Attend related meetings to explain the concepts and details of the Project
- Produce visual tools to enhance interest in the Project