Eldon R. Stoltzfus Architect provides architectural, planning and interior design services relating to the construction of buildings and facilities. We are committed to offering quality services that will support and enhance the quality of life for the owners, users, and general public while adhering to the very necessary technical and budgetary constraints of each Project.

Our Design Approach closely follows our company Mission:
     to design the most creative and effective site planning and building Architecture through
          Effective Communication, Extensive Knowledge and Ethical Performance

Effective Communication:

Understanding our Clients' visions and needs with responsive and proactive real-time interactive design sessions

The success of any Project is critically dependent on a thorough understanding the Client’s goals and expectations.
Using BIM technology (Building Information Modeling), we work with our clients through interactive design sessions. These design sessions allow us to actively listen to the vision and needs of our Client and then develop a design in front of the client. This concept aids the design process by ensuring that we understand what the client is communicating and also helping the client to quickly see their idea in a design. Throughout the process we are able to alter the plans, elevations, sections and 3D views simultaneously for a more complete understanding of the design.

"It was always amazing to watch them design and create, make changes on the big screen as we talked
through different scenarios in our design meetings. It was very helpful."
- Fred Hess (Hess Bros. Fruit Co. - Owner)


Extensive Knowledge:

Incorporating our architectural experience, using traditional and innovative construction technologies, understanding building design codes and governing authority regulations

The second key to a successful project is architectural knowledge and experience.
Using creativity and practical thinking, we add our experience and knowledge to the Client's goals and desires. We draw our experience from the thousands of projects we have been a part of over the years, along with hours of reading code guidelines and dialoguing with design code officials, not to mention the ongoing seminars and training sessions from nationally-recognized experts on various construction systems and techniques.


Ethical Performance:

Providing design solutions through creativity and diligence with integrity towards others and ourselves

Simply put, we work tirelessly on our Client's behalf to help them accomplish their goals.
Using hard work and perseverence, we value our Clients and thus work with integrity and honesty. We view every interaction with our Clients and consultants as an opportunity to build trust, solve problem creatively and collaborate with others to design aesthetic and functional architecture.

"...the integrity you displayed through the entire process, beginning with the contracting, are what will make
you successful at whatever project you are involved."
- H. William Weik, Jr., FHFMA (Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster - CEO)


BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Design Coordination

Eldon R. Stoltzfus Architect is fully competent in the latest design software packages, including Revit, AutoCad and Lumion, in order to produce coordinated building models with other construction disciplines. The tools help the Client more fully understand the project design by “seeing” it develop, reduce drawing errors, and allow for better coordination with contractors

We are committed to continually advancing in understanding of the latest design software to provide better decision making tools for the Client and more advanced methods to produce clearer and more complete construction documents.