Eldon R Stoltzfus, Architect brings considerable diversity of experience and project types to the company.  A large variety of residential, church, office, financial institutions, schools and commercial projects produced under his direction enhanced the firm’s portfolio.  Diversity comes with Eldon Stoltzfus’ expertise in affordable and crisis intervention housing, sustainable architecture, new construction, adaptive reuse of existing buildings, historic building renovations and technical expertise and quality assurance, with a particular interest in new technologies emerging in the industry.

Consideration to renewable energy sources and green construction is given to special projects, and is now being considered for all projects.  Eldon Stoltzfus participated in design and construction of numerous passive and active solar homes while at Consolarnation Corp. and while self-employed.  Recent green architectural projects include a zero net energy use retreat center in West Virginia and a Manufacturing Facility using solar arrays and natural lighting to reduce costs. Consultants are contracted for LEED Certification of projects where required, but many projects have been designed to exceed LEED Certification requirements. Architectural licenses are held in ten states.